Online study of German language via Skype with native speakers (remotely)

Many people ask: why do they need to study German language on practical courses? Meanwhile the carriers of German language are people living on the territory, which is almost half of the EU: Luxembourg, the North of Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France and Belgium. Would you like to go there? Then you should to engage in studying of German language online via Skype.

According to the importance and popularity of languages, German is inferior only to English, so the knowledge of it exactly comes in handy for you. If you decide to learn German, our teachers of intensive practical courses will help you to do it via Skype in a live online communication. To try learning the language independently is a bad idea, because after all, still you won’t be familiar with the grammar and you couldn’t overcome language barrier alone, and also the time will be spent on these attempts a lot.

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What does our school offer?

We offer you a special online program for the study of German language remotely, which was developed by highly qualified specialists, as well as by the carriers of the language. They in theory and in practice have studied the features of this language, and accordingly, are well aware of what kind of problems may arise for people who begin to study it. Especially it is worth noting that your teacher will be not just a qualified specialist, who in his time has studied language in the high School, our teachers are carriers, and it means that you will learn from those for whom this language is native. It is also comfortable that you won’t need to travel outside of your home. Using the services of Skype, learning German will be easier than ever. Our teachers would choose the program that is right for you, depending on the purpose for which you want to study German. If you already have a knowledge base, we determine your level and find a course that will fit you perfectly. Our teachers of German in the online will skillfully adjust any defects or problems that could arise.

You just imagine, in the home environment, comfortably settled in your favorite chair, you will be able to study German language via Skype in the communion with carriers. Your teacher will help you in solving any problem related to the study of German. In addition, you could pick your own schedule, according to which you will learn the language. Convenient, isn't it? 

Prices for the courses of German language via Skype with native speakers FREE TRIAL LESSON!
The course name Number of lessons Fee per lesson Total value Order
«Course (german) "8 lessons"» 8 550 roubles / 30min 4 400 roubles 
«Course (german) "16 lessons"» 16 540 roubles / 30min 8 640 roubles
«Course (german) "26 lessons"» 26 530 roubles / 30min 13 780 roubles
«Course (german) "36 lessons"» 36 520 roubles / 30min 18 720 roubles
«Course (german) "48 lessons"» 48 510 roubles / 30min 24 480 roubles
«Course (german) "60 lessons"» 60 500 roubles / 30min 30 000 roubles

Teachers of German language (native speakers):


Jennifer is a native speaker of German and currently, she work as a professional translator and online instructor of German and English in Argentina. She has been teaching students via Skype and virtual classrooms for three years. She enjoys teaching very much as she is eager to see her students improve and enhance their speaking, reading, listening and writing skills with time. Jennifer possesses a business degree which she obtained in 2009 and she has successfully completed the TESOL Certificate (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).


Liv is very keen to teach her students  German language in an interesting form of a game. Based on her experiences of teaching, she finds a common language with each person. In her spare time she likes to actively engage in sports, cooking, and, of course, meet new people.  

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