Фильмы в оригинале на французском языке с субтитрами (онлайн)

Three Men and a Little Lady (1990) - Трое мужчин и маленькая леди (фильм на французском языке)

Plot: The movie carries on with the story of the three men - Jack, Michael and Peter. They are living with Mary who is now five, and her mother Sylvia. The group are split up when Sylvia announces that she is getting married to an Englishman and moves to England. Peter and Michael (joined later by Jack) travel over the England for the wedding where Peter realises that Sylvia's fiance, Edward, intends to package Mary off to a boarding school (Pileforth Academy) as he has no real interest in her. Edward denies everything and Sylvia refuses to believe Peter as she knows he has disliked Edward from the beginning.
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